Engage and Educate Today for Rewarding Manufacturing Careers Tomorrow

Manufacturers in the United States have a talent problem.  As manufacturing grows more complex and innovation drives the industry, companies can no longer find workers with the skills today’s jobs demand. This deficit in talent available to manufacturers poses a direct threat to the future prosperity and security of the United States.

“A smart, safe, and sustainable manufacturing sector relies on the knowledge, advanced skills, and innovation of its workforce. We need to attract students to long-term careers in manufacturing and prepare them to meet future marketplace demands. An education system that provides industry-sponsored credentials is a critical part of creating the workforce we need to be successful.”
– Blake Moret, Vice President, Rockwell Automation

Connecticut. Dream It. Do It. (CTDIDI) is one of more than 40 state efforts focused on developing an awareness of rewarding careers in manufacturing. The Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology, Inc. licenses and leads CTDIDI as part of The National Association of Manufacturers and The Manufacturing Institute’s nationwide campaign to create a positive image of today’s manufacturing. Learn more about the national network.

  • Career awareness. CTDIDI provides students, parents and families, and educators with a wide variety of resources and programs that dispel misconceptions about the 21st century manufacturing workplace, and introduce the broad range of educational and career opportunities that manufacturing offers.
  • Outreach. CTDIDI engages in targeted marketing campaigns that include social media, radio and print, presentations, and distribution of collateral materials.
  • Manufacturing Month. Officially proclaimed “Connecticut. Dream It. Do It. Manufacturing Month,” every October features student-focused events, industry and education open houses, and many more activities highlighting Connecticut’s varied and robust manufacturing industry.
  • National spotlight. CTDIDI has been recognized by The Manufacturing Institute as a national model, with both its “Young Manufacturers Academy” and “Making It Real: Girls & Manufacturing” programs named as best practices for replication throughout the network and endorsed by the National Association of Manufacturers.

Founded on existing partnerships with industry, education, and economic and workforce development organizations, and a strong commitment to the growth of manufacturing statewide, CTDIDI addresses a high priority among manufacturers: creating the next generation of skilled workers, with a primary focus on students in grades 5-9.

“We can begin to create a broader range of opportunities that really will excite not only our students but begin to excite society as a whole about manufacturing. Advanced manufacturing is our only future if we are going to have a sustainable society.”
– Dan Swinney, Executive Director, Chicago Manufacturing Renaissance Council